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I read somewhere that FDR and Gen Douglas MacArthur were related, cousins of some sort. It is my asumption that this relationship saved MacArthurs's butt and reputation several times, including his leading the assault in washington on the World War I Veterans in the Bonus Army march on Washington, and his strategic loss of almost every asset supplied him in the Phillipines before the Japanese invasion. FDR had diverted almost every bomber produced to MacArthur in the Phillipines, yet they were on the ground and destroyed there when the Japanese arrived at lunch time. Instead of being at least reprimanded, he was saved by Presidential order and let Wainwiright take the wrap for the fall of the Phillipines. I further understand that at the surrender of Japan, MacArthur turned his back on Wainwright for lsoing the Phillipines, a command he had deserted. Though his Far east command area of Operations was much smaller than either that of Nimitz's or Stillwell's,and the number of battles much less, history seems to act as if he alone defeated the Japanese.