Independent Renewal candidates in the 2003 Ontario provincial election

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The Communist Party of Canada - Marxist-Leninist (CPC-ML) ran ten candidates in the 2003 Ontario provincial election. They did not use the CPC-ML name but instead campaigned as "Independent Renewal" candidates.

Former CPC-ML leader Hardial Bains had made a public call for grass-roots Canadian democratic renewal in the early 1990s. The CPC-ML initially planned to re-register with Elections Canada as the Canadian Party of Renewal in 1993, and there was an unregistered Ontario Renewal Party affiliated with the CPC-ML in the 1995 provincial election.

Many of these candidates have campaigned federally for the CPC-ML. No provincial wing of the CPC-ML was recognized by Elections Ontario. Unless otherwise noted, all federal candidacies mentioned below occurred under the auspices of the CPC-ML.


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